Plexish Theme - WIP


Is this something anyone wants?

It looks pretty cool but I’m fairly certain it violates rules on the Plex trademark and guidelines page.

Which would make it tricky and uncomfortable to included in an official release cause we’re basically just hoping Plex doesn’t take offense to the copy.

You are probably right. I went ahead and added this to customized.css

Thanks for putting that together, - it’s a nice example of what can be done if people want to customize their Duplicati GUI.

Oh - and welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Is this available for personal use?

Yeah, I can zip it up and post if you like.

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Yes please, that would be great!

There should be a Themes / add-ons page on so third party add-ons / themes can be linked or added.

Also encourage third party development…

Hi, did you make this available anywhere? it looks great!