PLease help! [Urgent] Does Copio Support using SAN storage as a source?

I have tested and realized that I can give a NAS storage location or Map it as a drive, and the backups happen successfully.
I want to know if the same stands true for a SAN storage network?
Say, I have critical data saved on SAN and have mapped it to the devices(Computer) using a drive letter (example drive letter “Z” ). Can I set this drive (Z) as a source for backups?

What is the difference between SAN, NAS and DAS? gets into terminology, so if what you have is basically a block device (which just happens to be remote rather than locally attached) that Windows is handling directly, I can’t think of any reason why Duplicati would even notice any difference. Does this describe your scenario?

Note that the success of backup may depend on what exactly you’re backing up. Is this just ordinary files like you’d store on a local drive using typical Windows NTFS drive format, or is there anything special about this?