Please add Bitcoin Cash as donation option

Please add Bitcoin Cash as donation option 'nough said!

Is Bitcoin Cash the same as Bitcoin?

Note: This is all my personal opinion and NOT necessarily representative of Duplicati. I have no control over what forms of donations are accepted.

No, it’s a “hard fork” of Bitcoin with optimizations designed to improve the (pretty slow) performance of running a transaction. Unfortunately, some of those changes decrease some of the security designed into the original Bitcoin blockchain process.

As I understand it, on top of the design changes, when the fork happened “Bcash” didn’t just start a new blockchain, it actually copied the existing Bitcoin chain effectively duplicating every existing Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash. While it would be great if one could really make money “out of nothing”, it has caused a lot of wrinkles that still need to be ironed out.

That being said, money is money and if somebody really wants to donate gold ingots we should consider accepting gold ingots. :slight_smile:

As I understand it, transfers to the existing Bitcoin “classic” addresses in Bitcoin Cash will also work. We just need to have a Bitcoin cash wallet?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the true Bitcoin, faitful to Satoshi’s white paper.

EVERYTHING is identical between BCH and BTC, except for the fact that BCH truly is still an open source project, while BTC github is under the control of a single company (BlockStream). And they are crazies, trying to highjack the original purpose of Bitcoin (ie: they are transforming it into a blockchain-based fractional reserve banking system).

BCH is:

  • Low fees (fraction of a cent)
  • Fast transactions (0-confirmation)
  • BCH is uncensored (truth and reality are considered)
  • 6 separate dev. teams (vs. centralised, AXA/Bilderberg-funded Core/Blockstream)
  • No RBF (Replace-By-Fee not needed: BCH tx are fast; RBF: source of merchant abuse)
  • No SegWit (Segregated Witness: major strategical error as Bitcoin = chain of signatures)
  • No Lightning Network (Single channel= bidirectional gift cards; Cross-channel= bank loans)
  • Bonus: BCH is already Turing complete)

Yes, all you need is a separate BCH wallet.

more details: please note that BTC and BCH addresses are identical, so you have to be extra careful when sending and receiving, as you have to keep everything perfectly segregated in 2 seperate and dedicated wallets (one for BTC, another for BCH). Funds sent on the wrong chain CAN be recovered, but it’s not a pleasant endeavour.

even more details:

In case you haven’t been following: the original Bitcoin chain (BTC), despite its skyrocketing price (…or because of it), is now very bogged down with high transaction fees and uncertain confirmation times, caused by a group of intrasigent developers controlling the Core repo and having conflicts of interest. This is not to mention BTC is now flooded by speculators refusing to spend or do business in it - all of them very harmful to retail businesses like you. A group of Bitcoin enthusiasts, frustrated by the situation, decided to fork the ledger on August 1st this year and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born.

Bitcoin Cash inherited the original Bitcoin ledger, so everyone who had BTC before August 1st have equal amounts of BCH, and a lot of us enthusiasts - you know, the people who actually want to spend bitcoin instead of just sitting on them - went over, now having a vibrant community. In addition to that, we expanded the blocksize to 8MB, making the average transaction fee now a couple cents again instead of several dollars on BTC. The developers - now federated instead of a single team - are also committed to future expansions to facilitate commerce whenever the limits hit.

Finally, shold you accept to use BCH, I will personally write a nice shoutout about Duplicati on 301 Moved Permanently

I am well aware of the many sides of the story (core, cash, gold, segwit2x, etc). I do not think the Duplicati forum is the right place to discuss which currency is the “right” one.