Planned interruption

I’m backing up for the first time a 40 Gb folder which does not seem much but it’s taking days as my upload speed is kind of slow.

Now I need to turn off my home power supply in order to fix a socket so my question is, what is the right way to interrupt the backup process and not have any problems when I resume? Shall I click the “pause” button and select “Until resumed”?

I’m wary about it because I recently had an unexpected power failure and after experiencing various errors and problems I the had to restart the backup from scratch.

My version of Duplicati is and I’m running it in Chrome 73.0.3683.103.

I would suggest to stop the current backup and pick the option “stop after current … finished”. Then just shut down your system, repair your power supply and just run the backup again. It should start backing up where you left off and you shouldn’t have to start from scratch.

Stop, how?

The only option I see is the Pause button.