Plan for next experimental release


We’ve heard that you would like to get updates more often and the beta version should be updated as soon as possible. You are right. We have been hesitating to promote the canary releases to experimental or beta version for too long. And we would like to change this!

The reason for rare release is, we want to make sure that our releases do not break anything and we test issues ourselves. Or we wait and see how the canary versions perform. By the time some changes are proven to be stable, new changes have been introduced that let us hesitate again. This is a vicious circle that slows down the release cycles a lot.

We would like to release Duplicati more often, and we can do this. But we need your help!

On Github we have set up a milestone for the next experimental release. It contains just four issues. We would like to get those four issues solved before we release another experimental release. To support us, you can:

  • Work on the issues and contribute code.
  • You can test a canary version that contains a fix and confirm us, that the fix works for you.
  • You can use the canary version and test basic functionality of backup and restore, to make sure, none of the fixes broke some basic functionality.

If this works well, we will release the next experimental version with your help. Afterwards, we will define the next little step for another experimental version or an update of the beta.

We have no idea if this will be working. But let’s try it out!

René & Kenneth