Pipe Commandline GUI Output to txt File?

Is it possible to get the full output of the commandline GUI to a file?

My browser is not showing everything apparently

Hi @darkarn, it has a complete output which you can send by mail or via http and from there process the output example

DeletedFiles: 0
DeletedFolders: 0
ModifiedFiles: 0
ExaminedFiles: 6
OpenedFiles: 0
AddedFiles: 0
SizeOfModifiedFiles: 0
SizeOfAddedFiles: 0
SizeOfExaminedFiles: 37341084
SizeOfOpenedFiles: 0
NotProcessedFiles: 0
AddedFolders: 0
TooLargeFiles: 0
FilesWithError: 0
ModifiedFolders: 0
ModifiedSymlinks: 0
AddedSymlinks: 0
DeletedSymlinks: 0
PartialBackup: False
Dryrun: False
MainOperation: Backup
ParsedResult: Success
VerboseOutput: False
VerboseErrors: False
EndTime: 26-12-2018 16:51:06 (1545853866)
BeginTime: 26-12-2018 16:50:54 (1545853854)
Duration: 00:00:11.6447902
Messages: [
removing file listed as Temporary: duplicati-b5ab767c043e34f98ae617d76c8d6d05b.dblock.zip.aes,
removing file listed as Temporary: duplicati-ifd6af3841a844b1180e19389d4aa0fae.dindex.zip.aes

This can be configured in the advanced options of the task (step 5) or in the general settings of the Duplicati.

What makes you think not everything is showing in the browser?

If it’s scrolling off the top of your screen so far you can’t get to the beginning, then you’ll likely need to use the --log-file parameter to write everything to that file.

Alternatively, if you think there should be more detail then you might need the --console-log-level parameter adjusted from the default (or --log-file-log-level if using a log file).

Another possibility is that this is for one of those (rather unusual) situations such as list where the main result is in the job output which the log file doesn’t have. I don’t know how to get that from a GUI, but someone might… Probably we need some clarification on the request. For full output, one can also export to a true commandline, but because that’s an independent system, it raises other hazards such as collision with processing for the GUI.

Sigh. Back to wishing we had an “Export GUI command-line as CLI command-line” option. :slight_smile:

Yes, I had the same thoughts. Displaying the complete command that will be executed (like the output of the Export to commandline funtion) and a small icon to copy the command to the clipboard (see Complete log in the Log section of the latest Canary) would be useful and (I guess) not hard to implement.

Also, you can learn how to use the commandline tools by playing with the settings in the GUI and see the command that is generated.


This is precisely the problem I am having; I am unable to get Duplicati to write the job output to a txt file