Performance: 30 hours "starting backup" every time since upgrade

Pretty-printing that line in makes it a little more readable.

		SELECT "L"."Path"
			,"M"."Hash" AS "MetaBlocklistHash"
		FROM (
			SELECT "J"."Path"
				,"K"."Hash" AS "BlocklistHash"
			FROM (
				SELECT "A"."Path" AS "Path"
					,"D"."Lastmodified" AS "Lastmodified"
					,"B"."Length" AS "Filelength"
					,"B"."FullHash" AS "Filehash"
					,"E"."FullHash" AS "Metahash"
					,"E"."Length" AS "Metalength"
					,"A"."BlocksetID" AS "BlocksetID"
					,"F"."Hash" AS "FirstBlockHash"
					,"F"."Size" AS "FirstBlockSize"
					,"H"."Hash" AS "FirstMetaBlockHash"
					,"H"."Size" AS "FirstMetaBlockSize"
					,"C"."BlocksetID" AS "MetablocksetID"
				FROM "File" A
				LEFT JOIN "Blockset" B ON "A"."BlocksetID" = "B"."ID"
				LEFT JOIN "Metadataset" C ON "A"."MetadataID" = "C"."ID"
				LEFT JOIN "FilesetEntry" D ON "A"."ID" = "D"."FileID"
				LEFT JOIN "Blockset" E ON "E"."ID" = "C"."BlocksetID"
				LEFT JOIN "BlocksetEntry" G ON "B"."ID" = "G"."BlocksetID"
				LEFT JOIN "Block" F ON "G"."BlockID" = "F"."ID"
				LEFT JOIN "BlocksetEntry" I ON "E"."ID" = "I"."BlocksetID"
				LEFT JOIN "Block" H ON "I"."BlockID" = "H"."ID"
				WHERE "A"."BlocksetId" >= 0
					AND "D"."FilesetID" = 307
					AND (
						"I"."Index" = 0
						OR "I"."Index" IS NULL
					AND (
						"G"."Index" = 0
						OR "G"."Index" IS NULL
				) J
			LEFT OUTER JOIN "BlocklistHash" K ON "K"."BlocksetID" = "J"."BlocksetID"
			ORDER BY "J"."Path"
			) L
		LEFT OUTER JOIN "BlocklistHash" M ON "M"."BlocksetID" = "L"."MetablocksetID"
		SELECT "G"."BlocksetID"
			,"H"."Hash" AS "MetablocklistHash"
		FROM (
			SELECT "B"."BlocksetID"
				,"F"."Hash" AS "FirstMetaBlockHash"
				,"C"."BlocksetID" AS "MetaBlocksetID"
			FROM "FilesetEntry" A
				,"File" B
				,"Metadataset" C
				,"Blockset" D
				,"BlocksetEntry" E
				,"Block" F
			WHERE "A"."FileID" = "B"."ID"
				AND "B"."MetadataID" = "C"."ID"
				AND "C"."BlocksetID" = "D"."ID"
				AND "E"."BlocksetID" = "C"."BlocksetID"
				AND "E"."BlockID" = "F"."ID"
				AND "E"."Index" = 0
				AND (
					"B"."BlocksetID" = - 100
					OR "B"."BlocksetID" = - 200
				AND "A"."FilesetID" = 307
			) G
		LEFT OUTER JOIN "BlocklistHash" H ON "H"."BlocksetID" = "G"."MetaBlocksetID"
		ORDER BY "G"."Path"

and might be the below in VerifyConsistency() which checks the current backups before adding next. Because every backup builds on the previous ones (only changes are uploaded), this is a good idea.

If it’s VerifyConsistency, you would see that in the log before and after it goes through all the backups.


might avoid the issue. I don’t know why it’s not in the manual. Possibly was just never noticed. Code:

Added an option to disable filelist consistency checks as it was reported to slow backups with a large number of filesets.

There were new options added to to thin out backup versions as they age. That will speed up.

New retention policy deletes old backups in a smart way

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