Paypal link is broken

Free is great. I love free software and use it as much as possible. Sometimes I donate to projects that really make a substantial difference to me.

Duplicati is one of those programs. It has allowed me to continue daily backups after CrashPlan ended its Home program. I’ve been able to back up several computers to encrypted storage, over an encrypted channel (SFTP). Daily backups take only a few minutes and don’t noticeably affect performance. And Duplicati auto-purges old backup files.

I reinstalled the OS on one machine and was able to get it to recognize the old backups with no problem. I even ran into an issue with apparent database corruption and was able to recover it.

It’s been great. But I can’t donate via PayPal because the link at uses Google’s URL shortener, which has been retired. Can someone fix the link?



Hi @BlueBearr, welcome to the forum - and thanks for using Duplicati!

I just checked the “Duplicati PayPal donation page” link on the URL above and it seems to be working fine for me (at According to the Google blog these existing links should keep working even past March 30, 2019 (though they won’t be editable anymore).

Can you try again and see if it’s working for you?

@BlueBearr I tried the link, and it worked for me too. I have changed the donation page to not use the url-shortener anyway.

Thanks, I will check it out!