Pause "Until Resumed" persist across reboots?

I recently had to pause my Duplicati backups while migrating my NAS storage to RAID 5, so I did the pause “until resumed” option in the application. I had then shut down my computer for the night, and when I booted it this morning the first thing Duplicati did was try to run the backup it didn’t do yesterday (because I’d done the pause). I’m not sure if it tried to upload anything or not, but I was surprised that it was doing it to begin with.

I’d expect that pause “until resumed” means exactly that: That all tasks/schedules pause until I click resume, even if I reboot my computer or restart Duplicati. Is there a way to actually do this, short of deleting my task or messing with the timing on the schedule?

Granted, in hindsight I should have disconnected the network drives so the backup would have just errored out because the destination was offline, that one’s on me. I have feedback for the NAS manufacturer as well for allowing drive access while doing migration/rebuild tasks, but I won’t get into that here.

(Note: I’m not looking to debate the pros/cons of various NAS storage configurations, I’ve read enough on both sides of arguments for/against them)

No, stop the task only applies to the live server. There is also a valid argument against making this change persistent because:

  • it would be redundant with just disabling the service such as systemctl disable duplicati for example (on Linux, similar command exists on Windows)

  • it could be forgotten and lead to backups not done after restarting the computer

There are 3 pause controls. I think this is what you used (timed ones don’t survive restart either):


I don’t know of one exactly like what you want, but the Settings pause settings survive a restart.

Settings in Duplicati

You can set a delay for Duplicati to become active after startup or hibernation. When Duplicati is started, no tasks will be performed until the specified time has elapsed.

This is probably meant for cases where you know in advance that system will be busy for awhile.
Duplicati can get rather resource-intensive, so system might appreciate it waiting for a little while.
Longer delays (limit in GUI appears to be 45 hours) can help allow planned maintenance activity.
For more than that, you probably need to keep Duplicati from starting (OS) or uncheck some day.


I uncheck current day sometimes if I want to look at Duplicati for awhile before resuming backup.
And sometimes I forget to turn the day back on…