Pause does not really pause


Duplicati beta on MacOS.

  1. Pause works as intended when currently no backup is running. A scheduled backup will not start.

  2. If a backup already has started and is in its initial phase of counting the files, pressing pause does nothing. Duplicati will continue counting all files in the backup set until it reaches the total number of “Files to Go”. The actual backup then does indeed pause.

I would expect Duplicati to fully pause all processes when Pause is selected. In particular the file counting process is very hard drive intensive and might interfere with something else I am trying to accomplish.

Pause is not Pausing

That does seem like the kind of thing that should be doable. If we can update the progress bar then we should be able to detect a pause request.

However, it may be that the file scan is very OS dependent in that once Duplicati asks the OS for a file list it may no longer have much control over when it finishes.

It may also be that the OS can’t pause a scan in which case it’s either finish or abort. :frowning:

Does --use-background-io-priority help with the disk use issue?


I have the same problem. I hit pause and the upload continues. I would expect if to freeze until I resume.

To pause I have to stop the whole process and start it back again, which will have to process the whole thing again (check which file has been uploaded, etc).


When you hit Pause what choices are you offered?


I’m offered those:

I clicked until resumed, but it kept uploading.