"Pause after startup or hibernation" info ico

Is it just me (and my version of Firefox) or does the little blue “i” circle following “Pause after startup or hibernation” on the main settings page not actually do anything (and possible have the wrong icon on hover)?

I would assume it’s supposed to provide a tooltip about what that setting does, but I’m not seeing anything - even in the HTML (either static or dynamically set).

Yes, same for me.
So it’s not you nor the browser you use, same behaviour with all browsers I tried.
To me it’s not clear why this option would need a tooltip anyway. If this is useful, I would like to see one for each line, at least the “Access to user interface” part.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’d pull the icon from the UI but I’m worried there actually is supposed to be some info there added through Angular and I’m just not strong enough in that yet to know.

But after digging through Git it looks like it’s been there text-less since inception on 2015-12-07. My guess is @kenkendk was trying different UI things and it just never got cleaned up or fleshed out (hopefully he can remember back that far to verify). :slight_smile: