Path variable for rclone on macOS Catalina

Duplicati (or to be more precise Mono) can’t find my rclone executable so I have to add a full path to it in the “rclone-executable” option. The proper PATH (/usr/local/bin) is already specified in one of /etc/paths.d files, so I can start rclone without a problem in my fish shell, however for some reason mono is not sourcing PATH variables from that folder.

Where should I add it?

So, in case anyone will face the same problem, here is the solution I found:

Go to Settings (main settings) -> Default options and add a new option “rclone-executable”. It’s not available in a list, you need to click “Edit as text” and type:
(of course you have to use a different rclone path if it’s not in /usr/local/bin. Type “which rclone” in your terminal to find out where it is stored on your machine)

The problem with adding it directly to “Advanced options” of a particular backup is that Duplicati drops this setting every time you edit some other settings (like Schedule or a list of files). Also it’s too cumbersome to type it every time you want to set up a new backup.

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If you’re doing this on Destination screen 2, not Options screen 5, this has been reported, but I’m not immediately able to find a GitHub issue on it. Feel free to file one, even though your workaround is good.

Small gui bug, doesn’t remember some advanced settings

Do the descriptions there match your symptoms? I can’t say how broad this issue is, or why it happens.

Yep, exactly my issue. Page 2, Destination.

I noticed that when I check backup settings later on “commandline…” page, this particular option goes to the topmost field “Target URL” and added after “&” , while other backup options have corresponding fields on the lower “Advanced options” part of that page. Basically this topmost “Target url” field resets to only first part of the line before “&” after I enter “edit settings” page.

Anyway, I think that adding rclone executable path in general app settings is more logical, as I’m not planning to use different rclone executables on my machine. So probably it will be a good option to add it to “Core options” list (or even add an option to add that path as default for all future backups when users add it for the first time).

It looks to me like all destination options do that, seen via three-dot menu to right of Backup destination.
The question might be which ones get extracted from the URL and shown in Advanced options next edit.

Screen 5 Advanced options are saved as values in Duplicati-server.sqlite. I’m not sure which one would win if the same option was specified in both places. Screen 5 also appears to be backend-sensitive, meaning that one sees an Rclone section for an Rclone destination, and one does not see other backends. Core options appear to be ones that are universal, not dependent on backends and probably other choices.

There are a large number of GitHub issues being tracked. Feel free to add something to the issue backlog, however it would be helpful if you can characterize it. With multiple forum reports, general issue may exist.