Path not restored?

Backup-Source: e:\films\film1\file1,file2,etc.
Backup-Target: google one / google drive

Task: Restore film1-folder to e.g. e:\restored\film1\file1,file2,etc.

But what I get is e:\restored\file1,file2,etc.

Am I sth missing or is this a bug?

You can add the following parameter when you are restoring:

--dont-compress-restore-paths = false
When restore a subset of a backup into a new folder, the shortest possible path is used to avoid generating deep paths with empty folders. Use this flag to skip this compression, such that the entire original folder structure is preserved, including upper level empty folders.

Thx for the fast reply.

I understand what is intended but find this counter intuitive.

When disabling compressed path as you suggested the whole hierarchy is restored in its absolute depth.

Iā€™d assume nearly every common user would assume when choosing a folder inside a backedup hierarchy that exactly this folder incl. subs would be restored into the restore location similarly to files.

@kenken Maybe one could implement a choice here?

This sounds related:

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