Passphrase always necessary with commandline?

i wondered that the passphrase looks to be always necessary to make almost everything with command line.
Is it normal?

I made some backups with Duplicati, and wished to test my backups.
As i begun with Duplicati, i didn’t make any passphrase. But as the test function is only available in the command line, it asks me to enter a passphrase (that i don’t have, as i didn’t set any).
i guess i should enter a passphrase, but what will it become with the existing backup then?
Thanks for you answers.

If you are running from pure command line, then yes, many will require things like your encryption password, back end storage credentials, etc.

If you normally use the Web UI, you can run most command line things right from the UI and you don’t need to manually specify everything. Click on your backup job to expand options, click the blue “Commandline …” link, and change the top dropdown option to the command you want to run. In your case you could pick “test”. For that one you probably need to clear the “Commandline arguments” field. Then scroll to the bottom and click the “Run ‘test’ command now” button.

Note that Duplicati automatically does a test after every backup, so you probably don’t need to run it manually.

To expand a bit, a Command Prompt or shell command line takes all relevant options, as it’s independent from the settings you put in the GUI job. GUI settings are available in the GUI, including its Commandline, and Export As Command-line for a starter for true command line you prefer not to use GUI Commandline.

Not setting a password moves away from the GUI default via a dropdown choice. On a command line, it’s


C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>Duplicati.CommandLine.exe help no-encryption
–no-encryption (Boolean): Disable encryption
If you store the backups on a local disk, and prefer that they are kept
unencrypted, you can turn of encryption completely by using this switch.
* default value: false

but you’'ll still be missing --dbpath which lets it find the backup, and you might be missing other options.
Usually it’s easiest to use GUI Commandline and adapt it to a new command by removing and changing.

Thanks for yours replies drwtsn32 and ts678.
I understand a bit more the way that Duplicati works, and that i can make backup and restore without using the passphrase, just using the GUI.
Even if i use the command line, i can now, with the option --no-encryption, make the job too!
Thanks for the hints!
and thanks for the help :slight_smile: