OS Specific Default Filters?

New user-- still coming up to speed…

I’m looking at this screen shot–

Ok. Looks like something I want to use.

But, when I look for this on my local install, I don’t see it. Is there an option I need to enable or something? I’m using OS X the default channel).


Those default filters were added to in a newer canary build, so they’re not available on the latest beta yet.

But you haven’t missed much, those buttons didn’t actually work until last canary release 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:

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OK. Thanks for the info!

By the way, This will be working in the next experimental release, which is going to be out soon :slight_smile:

I’m not sure when the beta is coming as there are still some bugs that need to be addressed.

What are these “default” sets? I like to know what is excluded from my backup! Is it documented somewhere? Can the link to this documentation be added to the GUI?

I believe this is only visible in the code which you can see at GitHub. In this case you’d want to check the various “/// Creates xxx filters” sections to see what filters are added for each selection type.

I also wanted to clarify that the OP screen shot is for Duplicati versions older than For and later it’s now merged into the Filters type selector.