OS level filters

Actually, I wanted to mention that.

I know this is likely to open a can of worms (hence the new topic, once I get out of mobile UI) but would it make sense to allow a specific inclusion rule to override a genetic OS exclusion rule?

For example, Linux excludes work great for a lot of things but I actually want /etc to be included.
Right now, that means I have to use NO default filter and figure the rest out myself.

We could allow an include file to take priority over built in exclude rules, but that goes against how the code is currently written (excludes FIRST for performance reasons).

An alternative would be to have the “default filters” literally insert the filters into the GUI filter field.

Benefits include:

  • obvious what’s being excluded
  • easy to allow ones you really want (just remove the rule)
  • WON’T BREAK FUTURE BACKUPS by some internal tweak of the default OS excludes adding or removing file types that used to be allowed or excluded

Drawbacks include:

  • makes for a long list of parms
  • UX should handle multiple presses of button and not insert multiple copies of same rules

Delicious worms

This commit changes the rules significantly Remove some default filters for things that should probably still be … · tygill/duplicati@25df361 · GitHub, and it will be included in the Experimental release. So might be less important for this next experimental release.

But yes, I’d love to be able to have include rules that overwrite default filters :slight_smile:

René literally just posted that suggestion here: Revise default backup filters · Issue #3030 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub :slight_smile:

That’s 'cause he’s a developer - I’m just an enabler who knows how to write a little code. :wink:

I thought it was just cause it was a good idea :wink:

Also, teach me your magic, you turned a comment into a topic post :slight_smile: