Order of files organization + SQL backup


I was wondering, when i add folders to the backup the organization of the files is something messy, what i mean is that sometimes inside a folder when i check the sub folders the order of the display is by folders and then files and suddenly there are folders in the middle of the files view, is there a way to organize it?

And a second question, is there a way to backup outlook files (the location of the pst) or SQL server files automatically, a way to just check a check box and the software by itself goes to the directory of the files?

Thank you in advance for your help and answer.

For backing up live Outlook files/ MS SQL db you have to use --snapshot-policy=Required parametr and ran Duplicati as account with admin privileges.

Hello @alex_hental and welcome to the forum!

Here, it looks like it’s organized alphabetically, without regard to whether it’s a folder or a file. Is yours not? “Alphabetical” does appear to have the quirk here of considering uppercase to sort before any lowercase. Possibly ASCII has something to do with that historically. Regardless, I’m not aware of any configurability…

@mr-flibble the snapshot policy option i’m familiar with i was just wondering is there an a possibility to automate the option inside the software so the program itself will check the location of the Pst’s or SQL files from the computer registry and know by itself the location of the files without manually choosing it.

@ts678 You are correct it does organized alphabetically, i wonder is there was a option to organize the contact by type.

And thank you all for your response.

You can use filters for that.
For MSSSQL for example:
Duplicati.CommandLine.exe test-filters %MSSQL% --include=[C:\\Program.*] --snapshot-policy=Required

And similiary backup all *.pst in C:\Users\