Option to Delay Upload Verification


after this topic Almost Constant Connection Loss on Upload Verification , I think I’d need an option to have a few seconds delay between the end of the upload and the start of its verification.

Thanks to consider this request ! :grinning:

Would you see this as one of these, or something else?

  1. hard delay (x seconds) always
  2. hard delay (x seconds) after fast verification failure
  3. soft delay (user defined seconds) always
  4. soft delay (user defined seconds) after fast verification failure
  5. hard retry count (check again up to x times)
  6. soft retry count (check again up to user defined times)

For my current case, I think the 3) would be the best , as this would avoid to stall every time.

So you’re thinking a single pause-then-retry and let it fail like it does now if the file still isn’t reported as being there after that one retry?

Yes, that should do the trick, thanks ! :grinning:

Technically, it’s a “pause-then-try”, though… :yum: