Optimisation of file transfer


I regularly back up my thunderbird email. There are several large files that are changed every day. So I have 3GB of data modified per day, while only part of a file has been modified. Can Duplicati identify and save only the changed parts of a large file? Or systematically the complete file is saved?

Thanks in advance.

Duplicati does deduplication:

Thanks, so the backup does well by block and it’s called deduplication

Has anyone tested how effective is this (deduplication) with Outlook? I.e., does Outlook change its PST / OST contents a lot if you mainly work with the content of just last 1-2 months and do not touch other content other than periodic searches?

In my experience a PST file changes only slightly during normal usage, so deduplication worked pretty well.

There is no reason to back up an OST file because it is already a secondary copy of server-side data. If an OST gets damaged or deleted, Outlook will just regenerate it from your server mailbox.

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