OpenStack OVH discontinuing Keystone 2.0 API

I have received an email from OVH a few days go saying that Keystone API v2 is ending.

And link leading to:

To offer you the very latest features of our Public Cloud solution, we will need to update the API used to order a key OpenStack component: Keystone .

As a reminder, Keystone is the authentication and authorisation API that manages your Public Cloud infrastructure.

When will the update take place?
From 01st October 2019 , all Open-RC files will be generated with version 3.0 of the Keystone API for the OVHcloud Control Panel, OpenStack Horizon, and the API.

On 24th March 2020 , we will disable version 2.0, leaving only version 3.0 enabled.

If you are still generating calls via the Keystone 2.0 API, we recommend updating your deployment scripts at your earliest convenience. We also recommend checking that your third-party applications are using Keystone version 3.0.

Please click the following link to view a list of the calls that will no longer be supported by Keystone 2.0:

These will be replaced by:

For more information on version 3.0, please read the documentation here and the recommendations here.

I would like to know if a minor update will be issued with an updated link to V3.

I have changing to V3 updating manually the link but I get an error


OVH Public Cloud: new Keystone API is my attempt to get @Indigo744 and you working together.
I don’t have OVH and don’t particularly know Keystone. If either of you do, maybe you can consult.

Openstack keystone v3 support #3154 looks like the addition of this, and there are some notes too.


Added KeyStone v3 support to OpenStack backend, thanks @epol

No Keystone v3.x support in OpenStack/Swift configuration #2179

Pull request #3154 partially solves this issue, it supports user/password authentication but not token based authentication.

Sorry for the duplicate topic.
I will go to the one you have already opened with @Indigo744