OpenSSL 3.0 to 1.1 errors

I know this has been discussed at the “development level” but I didn’t see a solution for casual users.

I have a Ubuntu 22.04 machine which uses OpenSSL3 attempting to backup to a Ubuntu 21.10 machine using OpenSSL1.1. While I can connect successfully(Test Connection), my backup shows the following error.

EVP_MD_size assembly: type: member:(null)

Can someone please help me understand what I need to do to help the boxes communicate successfully? Thank you.

Welcome to the forums finco1,

It looks like there is an active thread on the issue here.

Thank you - I did see that thread. From there it looks like the solution is to recompile the program using OpenSSL3 on the host ('the development solution I referred to). I’m hoping there is a solution for those of us who do not have the expertise to recompile. That said, perhaps I missed something?

Check the solution posted by @Andor_Kiss, not sure which process they followed but either way, re-adding 1.1 or removing Grub-customizer (if present) seems easy enough.

Thank you @JimboJones. I installed OpenSSL1.1. on the 22.04 client and restarted that machine. Then went to the Duplicati advanced connection settings and specified the use of OpenSSL1.1 and all is good in the world.

Thanks again.

could you or somebody else spell this out a little more for me?
I am using Linux Mint 21, tried to install OPENSSL1.1 (via dnf) which gives me a bunch of error messages. Perhaps it might be a good idea to integrate OPENSSL3.0 into a release as you will see this problem with any new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.
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