Only restore folder structure?

I lost the empty folders of a hard disk because I used the wrong switches doing robocopy stuff. So all my data is here and it is also (mostly) usabled but there are some empty folders that are now missing. I have a Duplicati backup! I also checked with one folder: The empty folders exist in this backup.

Now my question: Is it possible to make a restore with switches so that only the folder structure is restored but no files? In that case, i could just move this structure “over” my existing data and all empty would be there.

Background: A full restore of all would take days (800GB Remote Volumnes, uncompressed about 2,5 TB) and I do not need the files, just the folders.


Sorry I don’t have the time to try this out for you, what I can tell you is that filters on the path are supported for restore, and regexes can be used for that. So theoretically it seems possible to use a regex filter to select only the paths terminated by a separator (said separator should depend on your system). So you can try to use the restore in command line mode and add a filter for that. The syntax I am leaving to you as an exercise (read: I have no idea off the top of my head).

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Folder names always end with a slash / on Linux or Mac and a backslash \ on Windows. For instance, log is a file, log/ is a folder.

Command Prompt needs trailing backslash in double quotes to be doubled. You can test using:

Including source path: C:\tmp\emptytest\
Including path due to filter: C:\tmp\emptytest\sub1\ => (.*\) || (*\)
Including path due to filter: C:\tmp\emptytest\sub1\sub2\ => (.*\) || (*\)
Excluding path due to filter: C:\tmp\emptytest\sub1\sub1.txt => null
Matched 0 files (0 bytes)`

The TEST-FILTERS command

I don’t think it’s possible for Windows to have only empty folder at the bottom. It has parents too.
Above test tried to simulate File Explorer copy of the folder structure on top of tree with files in it.
I got no complaints, but I suggest you play with it yourself to see if it seems to work as you want.

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does the job!

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