: Only Duplicati core


I have tried Duplicati in several computers with Windows 10 and the performance is excellent. I want now install it on several machines whose users are not experts.

Would it be possible to make a .bat file to drive the installation with these options?: Only Duplicati core files (without “Desktop Shortcut”, “Program Menu Shortcut”, or “Launch Duplicati at startup”).


Add parameter to Wix installer that will install only the core feature #3893 might give what you want.
[REQ] Add parameters for MSI installer options #3892 was the request. It should be in Beta.

Note that Duplicati is not really a “managed backup”, and tends to trust the users with all its controls.

Thanks a lot
I share the .bat that has worked perfectly for me in Windows 10
(the user must previously create a folder on his Desktop called bk that hosts the programs)

cd %userprofile%\desktop\bk
VC_redist.x64.exe /install /passive /norestart
msiexec /i duplicati- ADDLOCAL=DuplicatiCore REMOVE=DuplicatiDesktopShortCutFeature,DuplicatiProgramMenuShortCutFeature,DuplicatiStartupShortCutFeature /qn

cd \Program Files\Duplicati 2
Duplicati.WindowsService.exe install --webservice-interface = loopback --webservice-port = 8200
net start duplicati

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