OneDrive v2 backup failed

After many problems which repairing & deleting and recreating the database failed to cure, I got fed up and deleted all backup data (it is a sub-set of data also backed up elsewhere) and imported the job without metadata; and it still fails and a repair/recreate (for the umpteenth time gives):

“Recreated database has missing blocks and 1 broken filelists. Consider using “list-broken-files” and “purge-broken-files” to purge broken data from the remote store and the database.”

How can this be, it was a new backup with all data deleted on the remote end (I checked)!!?? And I cannot find (how to run) the suggested options using the GUI.

Is Duplicati/OneDrive fit for purpose? If this was my main backup, I’d be having sleepless nights.

Duplicati -

In the end I had to recreate the job manually, and after an initial failure, it has just successfully completed the back up.

Maybe OneDrive (v2) is not robust enough for some reason, or could it be a Duplicati problem. Fortunate for me that it is not my prime cloud backup, and will now probably never be so.


Unexpected difference in fileset version 0: 03/04/2019 10:29:00 (database id: 1), found 4418 entries, but expected 11094

This is CRAZY!