OneDrive for Business - Access Denied

I am using Duplicati since quite some time now - Great Piece of Software! (actual version

So i thought it would be a good idea to backup to “OneDrive for Business” to have another backup (besides local Backups).

I created a new job:
Server and Port:
Path on Server: personal/xxx.xxx_xxx_de/Documents/test (/test is a folder i created online, so it really exists)

When i Click on “Check Connection”: check runs with success.

But when i run the job:
For about 30 secs "Verifiying “Backend-Data” is displayed and then an Error:

“Access denied”. You have no permission to access the ressource" (translated from non english version, so Message might sound a little different)
“Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerUnauthorizedAccessException: Zugriff verweigert. Sie haben keine Berechtigung, diesen Vorgang auszuführen oder auf diese Ressource zuzugreifen”

In office-portal i checked if the user has write access: yes he has (he is also the owner)

What goes wrong?
Also, i havent found any FAQ regarding Backups to Onedrivefor Business. Is there any?
(Best thread i found so far is Duplicati 2 + OneDrive Business )

Thanks in advance for any hints or ideas how to troubleshoot further!


Duplicati hast has two providers for Onedrive: “Onedrive for Business” and “Onedrive v2”

As far as I remember the first one is out of date and also restricted to max 5000 files.

If you havn’t already try v2, it works for me.

Compare this thread: Issue using Onedrive for Business

Hello Ralf

I have to use “OneDrive for Business” and thought “v2” would only be for the non Business-Edition.

For testing purpose i tried “V2” (with autid) but it doesnt recognize the Folders in onedrive for Business as they have been created in the past.
I had to change “path on server” - and it worked!

Thanks for your help!