Onedrive and duplicati small archive

I have a question, after a lot of search I find Duplicati for use the 1TB of my Office 365 subscription useful.
But I have a question. Duplicati split the entire backup under archive with 50mb of size for each one.
Could this be problematic with onedrive for long therm use?
Imagine I want to backup 500gb of user folders of windows, and with a incremental backup every day that will add some files each days.
Its means the 500gb and the future changes will be splitted under an enormous numbers of 50mb archive. Could this be a problem for restore or for long therm use? According to onedrive structure as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!

I am not sure if this still applies, but OneDrive used to have a ~5000 file limit. It’s possible the more modern OneDrive v2 back end does not have this problem (can anyone else confirm?) I don’t use OneDrive with Duplicati so I don’t know for sure.

But if there is a 5000 file limit, then upping the volume size from 50MB would certainly be a way to work around it. You could try setting it to 500MB or 1GB, but note that this means Duplicati will have to download at least that much data to restore even a small file.

‘No files were found at the remote location’ using Onedrive for business
Failed Backup with id: 3 (Missing Files)
suggest that the Storage Providers listed as using “Microsoft Graph API” can go past the old 5000 limit.
I have no idea at what point (if ever) the Microsoft web UI gets cranky about having too many files to list.

If the backup is not running yet, I’d suggest setting blocksize to 1 MB. 100 KB is small for a big backup. Alternatively perhaps several smaller backups could be used – and could even go into different folders.