One Drive Web UI Shows no Files after Backup completion


I want to set up Duplicati to back up certain directories from a local machine to the cloud. Duplicati is running in a docker instance on unraid. I am using a standard Office 365 (Residential Account) to provide the OAUTH token (via the GUI) to Duplicati.

Everything seems fine putting things into a “test” directory, however, when the back up is complete, there are no files visible via the web gui for one drive. The files are there (it takes up storage space on one drive) - they’re just not visible - they’re hidden somehow.

I searched through some old threads and it suggested the directory structure of the remote server may be picky about forward / back slashes, so I tried both - resuling in the same outcome.

I am not using encryption for this back up (it’s just photos) - and can’t find any advanced options that would help.

Does anyone else have this same issue?

Welcome to the forum @Phedre

I don’t use Office 365, but basic OneDrive Personal works for me. Do you see a bar on OneDrive screen, Search everything? I typed my Duplicati folder name into that, and it found it, and I could click to open it.