ONE backup file

Hi everyone,

I want to create a one backup file and get the file name from the archive,
Is that posible,

kind regards,

Hi @jvazquez,

Possibly rephrasing your question into a long format would help get the answer from somebody who knows.

Are you looking to take a backup of some files into one file, a backup of one file (why?), or something else?

A Duplicati backup destination has many types of files (each with its purpose), even if you only backup one.

Does “archive” refer to whatever it was that was created, and how easy a “get the file name” are you after?

Additional context might be another way to clarify, or maybe even find some other way to do what you want.


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hi thank you for your help

i have a file .bak but when i upload to s3 duplicati convert my file in 3, i want to upload original file.bak

im trying to set the same name of the original file.bak

i appreciate your help thank you
kind Regards

I happen to have a backup of one file. Do your filenames look like these (maybe without the .aes encryption)?

These are some dlist, dindex, and dblock files. They store files and versions nicely, but aren’t human-friendly.

Duplicati provides human-friendly ways to manage source files, but it’s done by processing of files like above.

It sounds like maybe you would like one archive file for each source file, with the original filename in its name?

This is less efficient, but some backup software does do this, e.g. making, or a whole lot of file.bak.

Even further away from a backup with multiple versions would be a direct file copy to S3, under original name.

I’m assuming that the one file example is just from testing what you eventually would want to do for many files.

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Ok, so you want the file to be stored in S3 exactly as it is on your local machine?

Duplicati is not the tool for that. Duplicati is designed to use deduplication, compression, etc in order to efficiently store multiple versions of files on the back end storage.

If you want an exact copy of a certain file, just upload it to the S3 bucket manually. Or if you want to automate this process you can look into a tool like “rclone” which can copy files exactly from one location to another (local to cloud, for instance).

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