OAuth service is currently over quota

All my backups failed last night (OneDrive) with the same error:

“The OAuth service is currently over quota, try again in a few hours”

Running on all servers.

Anything I need to worry about? I seem to remember this happened a few years back and someone needed to make a change at the Duplicati end?


Around when? If somehow they’re close in time, that means something.
We can also compare to others if any show up (no others after 5 hours).

The OAuth service is currently over quota, try again in a few hours was a 2018 report that seemed well understood, and the spending limit was raised. There was a January 2023 report that seems a mystery, but there were some oddities found that might have been Google-caused. Not sure if yours might be…

Thanks for coming back to me.

There were 7 jobs in total . 3 ran at 6am, 2 at 2am and 2 at 2.30 am

I re-ran one this morning after I posted and that went through fine. Hopefully its a Microsoft blip. If it happens again tonight I will update the post.


I am not certain the message is reporting the correct error, especially after Google removed quota.
C# code is below, and Python code is also available. I took a peek but I couldn’t immediately tell…
Maybe some developer will look, but if it never happens again, I suppose that gives less incentive.