Number of files in a backup

This is the first time using Duplicati. I have an external drive attached to the router for backup. I selected several directories to be backed up. The initial backup has taken several hours, and generated 4,587 files. I am wondering if I should set up several smaller backups instead.

Is there a preferable size maximum for backups?

Hi @DAE. No there’s no artificial limits for backups. I have successfully tested Duplicati with datasets into the TB and everything was fine. You’ll find your subsequent backups will be much quicker.

Hello @DAE and welcome to the forum!

Sometimes having several backups can make life easier if things go wrong, for example if a disk breaks and you want to get your important files back more quickly. Unless you backed up Duplicati’s internal database, you must eventually recreate it from destination files, and this can take awhile, and presumably smaller will recreate faster. I’m not sure if there’s an exact size maximum to go by. Performance also varies with change levels, versions, etc.

I agree the subsequent backups should be faster because only the changed portions of your files are uploaded, however a full restore or database rebuild has to handle everything again, so that’s where complaints may arise.