Notify on error?

I back up my files to an external drive attached to my computer. Occasionally, the drive does not reconnect when my computer wakes from sleeping overnight, which of course prevents Duplicati from using it, with an error at the bottom of the web interface saying “Could not find a part of the path”.

Is there a way to have Duplicate notify me when a backup fails for this reason? (Or any reason, come to think of it.) Currently, the only way for me to know that a backup has failed is to check the web interface manually, which I rarely think to do.

Failures for this reason also don’t show up in the backup’s log — the affected days are missing completely — only in About > Show log > Stored. Is this expected behavior? It’s odd that clicking the “Show” button on the error takes me to a log without the error in it.

Email alert is one option. Here are the settings I used (sanitized of course):

--send-mail-from=Duplicati <>
--send-mail-subject=Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%: %PARSEDRESULT%
--send-mail-to=My Name <>

Another is to use a 3rd party service like It’s especially useful if you have several Duplicati installs or backup jobs. It gives you a single console for monitoring all backup jobs. Plus it can send you a daily report on your backups.

I use both.

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