Notificiation Discord apprise how?

Running duplicati via docker, how do I set up notifications for discord via apprise? Cant find any step by step!


Hello @Tillsats and welcome to the forum!

That’s lots of steps even at a high level, so it might be necessary to address them separately. I don’t use apprise myself, so I can just point. :wink: Duplicati reporting options provide the basic feeds, then users and independent projects build on those. For apprise, see Announcing dupReport - A Duplicati Email Report Summary Generator and possibly asking there would find some further help on how to set up dupReport for apprise. For setting up apprise steps, there are probably more on the complete web than there are in this forum, although I’m pretty sure some dupReport users use apprise. I found general information here:

Apprise Makes Sending Notifications via the CLI Easy

From the apprise project itself:


The Apprise Section of the dupReport GitHub page gives instructions on how to set up dupReport to handle Apprise notifications.

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