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I just set up Duplicati on my new server (using the linuxserver/duplicati image). It created backups fine, but when I load up the Restore view (from web UI), I get a “Not found” message. Trying to expand the file tree shows “Not found” again.

There is no additional information, or log entries that I can find related to this. Running commands using Duplicati.CommandLine.exe seems to work fine (including ‘restore’).

Does anybody have any clue why this is happening? Do you know how I might get more verbose information about this? I guess I can live with only ever restoring from the command-line, but I’d rather have a working UI.

This happens for every one of my 3 configured backups. The version is

This took a lot to debug. It was really painful. I’m surprised that no one encountered and described this before.

The “Not Found” is from an XHR request that returns 404. That request fails if you are using a reverse-proxy in front of Duplicati, and that reverse-proxy (such as Apache) doesn’t allow percent-encoded slashes.

GET /api/v1/backup/3/files/%2Fsource%2Fvar%2Fbackups%2F?prefix-only=false&folder-contents=true&time=2018-10-19T17%3A20%3A00%2B00%3A00&filter=%2Fsource%2Fvar%2Fbackups%2F

The solution for apache is to put AllowEncodedSlashes On in your VirtualHost block.

Thank you for your persistence and posting the solution! Maybe that will help out somebody else someday…

Very usefull thanks.

AllowEncodedSlashes On made it all work perfectly for me.

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