Noob question about file retention

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I am looking for a new backup software, that best fits my needs, and currently I am favouring duplicati. But I still have a small question which should be easy to answer - but I couldn’t find it in the FAQs or in this forum and can’t think of any easy way to test it myself.

So here is my question:
When I create a new backup task in step 5 I have to choose a strategy for the retention of old backups. If I choose the option “Until they are older than” the screen looks like this

The text only says “Keep this number of backups - until they are older than 6 Months” . This sounds like everything older than 6 months will be deleted!

As opposed to this I presume, that at least 1 copy of any file will be kept, even if it is older than 6 months (else you couldn’t call this a backup!?). Is this assumption correct???

Thanks for any answer!
Greetings from Germany

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Each backup version is a complete representation of all files that are selected in the backup job configuration. If you set a retention of 6 months, you can go 6 months back in time to restore files. A file that exists 10 years can be restored from the latest backup, until it is deleted.

After deletion of that file, you can still restore it from an older backup version, until the deletion is more than 6 months ago.

If files that are modified, all file versions from the last 6 months can be restored by restoring from the backup that contains the version that you need.


Thanks for explaining that!
Seems like I have to undertstand the concept of duplicati better! :sunglasses:

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