Noob Q: where are backup configs stored?

Where does Duplicati store the configurations of the backup jobs? I’m running on linux. Specifically I’m running a docker image installed as a portainer stack as recommended here:
DB Tech Duplicati on Pi 4 · GitHub
as based on this video by youtuber dbtech.

In this, if i edit the “stack” or, docker-compose file, it tears down the Duplicati install and rebuilds it. When I reconnect to port 8200 after that i’m prompted with the “First run setup” (No, my machine has only a single account).

I think if I configure it right that I can get the Duplicati system and backup configurations to persist across updates to the stack when I add a new path on my server so I can back that up, too.

Thanks for any guidance here. I’m new to Duplicati but it’s great so far. I’m also sophomoric in Docker so my question might be

Hah, solid own-goal here. They’re stored in /configs inside the docker container, I just needed to map that path to a consistent destination in persistent storage.

I fixed it and updated my docker-compose yaml here:
My Duplicati Stack · GitHub

rubber-duck mode off. (;