No systemd service created?

Just installed duplicati on a fedora system and testing it out, and wanted to get it set up to run as root so it would be able to handle permissions properly… but when I found instructions about how to do this, they mentioned systemd unit files… but the rpm that was installed hasn’t provided any systemd unit file for duplicati so I get:

# systemctl list-unit-files|grep duplicati
# systemctl status duplicati
Unit duplicati.service could not be found.
# rpm -q duplicati

known issue?

(edit) Yes it looks to be a known issue: No duplicati.service file on Centos 7 install · Issue #2540 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

Hi @ech, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the followup & link to the related issue. Hopefully somebody who knows RPM files (which is not me at all) will be able to fix it.