No RPM built for v2.0.5.108-

I got my Github alert for a new canary release and waited a while to be sure the build process completed, but I still don’t see a “.rpm” release?

There was no notification on the forum either, hopefully just got missed.

Good morning,
I wanted to warn that NOD32 antivirus gives me a malware error when I install duplicates.

On what file? The installer (if so, which one?) or something it installed during installation (if so, which file)?

has no problem with any of the many scanners used (including an ESET one) when scanned by VirusTotal.

Just in case a not-very-capable scanner can’t scan an installer, I also tried the .zip file version. It scans fine.

You can submit whatever file you downloaded (unless it’s an autoupdate one, which would be harder to do).

Does NOD32 give you any sort of detail about why it’s complaining, what category of malware, and so on?

[KB141] Submit a virus, website or potential false positive sample to the ESET lab and other channels can help you try to get around what possibly is a false positive, but in any case seems to be getting in your way.

Were you on before, installed the same way and without any such warning? changes seen here don’t look like that much but did add one more backend.

the file that gives the error is story_uplink.dll suspicious file executed deletion.
How come the size doubled?
Is it possible in the future to have the installation option also as a service?
Thank you

No such file exists. If you mean storj_uplink.dll, can you tell which one? There seem to be 3 of them now, whereas only had one in the main .dll folder. has some in subfolders, which might be because it was built differently to try to avoid pulling in lots of System.* .dll files, which may be next issue:

Size of what, compared to which old version? The storj_uplink.dll sizes didn’t double, but there are more:

10,867,712 bytes

10,642,432 bytes

9,273,344 bytes

10,642,432 bytes

If you mean the entire installation size, it roughly doubled:
59.5 MB
110 MB ships lots of Microsoft .dll files #4234 was the investigation that led to changes in the storj (Tardigrade) backend in, but now the new addition with the
Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) backend looks to be the suspect, at least for the System .dlls.

This is clinching my thought that you’re using this “No RPM built” as a general topic, maybe because new releases haven’t recently been announced in Releases. This is also being investigated.

As for the Service, can I assume you mean Windows (in spite of RPM topic)? If so, it’s certainly been discussed, however development speed are completely limited by volunteers and the skills they bring.

Surprisingly Features category doesn’t show such an enhancement request, but I didn’t look too hard.
You can certainly do your own research, start new topics, add your voice to existing ones, and so on.

Update Windows installer to offer the choice of installing the Windows service #1738 is a GitHub one.
Although you wouldn’t know it from topic’s title, there’s an installation suggestion at the following post:
Duplicati Tray Icon Silently Dies with --no-hosted-server arg #3137 (service is too do-it-yourself now).

this is the file C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\win-x86\storj_uplink.dll
yes the development for the service is for windows.
You said there aren’t many people for duplicate development, that’s why it’s not a good backup program?
in the future I would like that the reports sent via email were like those of veeam backup, with a green bar if the backup was successful, orange with problems found, red when the backup was not successful.
We wait confidently
Anyway thanks to all the duplicate developers.

I said nothing about it being good or not, but did speak to development speed. Staff is not like Veeam:

Insight Partners to Acquire Swiss Cloud Data Management Leader Veeam in a Transaction Valued at Approximately US$5 Billion

You get the colors one click down (except middle one is yellow not orange – Tray Icon changes color too).
Viewing the log files of a backup job. Please submit feature requests in Features category, not Releases, where nobody will find them in this RPM topic. Such request may also be appropriate for the UX category.

Simple web UI design study is talking about some changes. You could try proposing the idea that you like, however a screenshot or web link would clarify what you have in mind. Please do NOT continue that here.


Sorry, you asked about emails. You might look at third-party reports like Duplicati Monitoring or dupReport. Both claim to do pretty reports, are doing enhancements of various sorts, and have threads on this forum.


information, the storj_uplink.dll library is used to send the email?
do not send me the report email

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