No progress indiction during a restore

When doing a restore, whether scanning for local blocks or downloading files, there is no indication of progress or even that the system is still running.

This is particularly unnerving during a full restore, which obviously runs for a very extended time.

Ideally, a current file number/total number of files to be restored counter, along with the current file name, would be a great way of keeping the user informed as to what is going on. If this is not possible, at least a running total of how much data has been restored (possibly differentiated by local blocks vs. downloaded files) would allow the user to know that things are still happening.

Currently, all I can do is look at how many files have shown up at the destination - and this is only possible when restoring to a blank location rather than over existing data.

In summary, just about anything would be better than hours of watching a static message “Restoring Files”.


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There’s an existing issue for this here:

Thanks for the pointer.

While classified as an enhancement, and technically it is that, I could argue that showing a progress bar that does nothing is in fact a bug. It should either be showing progress in one form or another, or there shouldn’t be any progress bar displayed, just a “Please wait. This may take a long time.” message.

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