No more unlimited storage on Amazon Cloud - What next?

It’s been two months today since Amazon announced that they are discontinuing their unlimited storage plan for Amazon Cloud:

I believe many of us duplicati users have been or still are on such an unlimited plan. So what alternatives have people come up with? Are you just continuing on the 1TB plan on Amazon? Or what?


I’m using G Suite with unlimited storage plan…
Crossing fingers

Are you referring to this?

Each G Suite user can store up to 30 GB of content for free (compared to 15 GB with G Suite free edition or individual consumer accounts). This storage is shared between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. If you’re approaching the limit or if you’ve run out of storage, you can purchase additional storage or reduce your storage usage.

Unlimited storage is available with the G Suite Enterprise or Business or Education edition (if you have 5 or more users) or 1 TB of storage (if you have 4 or fewer users).

Source: Storage limits - G Suite Administrator Help

Some alternatives have been suggested elsewhere on the forum:

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Amazon Cloud Drive unlimited is still available in Europe. I do use it in Belgium purchased from

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I can confirm that it is also still available on German Amazon. Thanks for pointing that out!

This is very strange though. In several ways. But I’m not complaining…

UPDATE: It’s over. See here.

Backblaze B2 should be about $5/mo for 1TB.

After Amazon cloud drive removing unlimitted storage, I am trying wasabi; but I find it slow, around 240 KB/s

What speed do you get?

I personally haven’t used Wasabi, but this performance comparison for Duplicacy (NOT Duplicati) shows Wasabi hitting ~47 MB/s on an initial backup of 1.76 GB spread across 58k files:

Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt as there are many hardware, bandwidth, etc. factors that can affect an individual user’s throughput.

No unlimited storage bundle can last for long, there are always people who use them to store third-party and third-party files as they did on One Drive.

I believe Office 365 Home (5 1TB licenses) and BlackBerrys are the best options.

Anyone else here uses Office 365 Home?

Well, you could not be more to the point, at least when it comes to Amazon. As of 30 November 2017, also Amazon Germany (and my guess is all European Amazons) have discontinued their unlimited plan, offering instead this:

Yes, the amazon party is over also in France, I received the termination notification. 99€ / Yr / 1TB is not bad, but nothing to compare with “unlimited”. I’d be happy with a few TB around that yearly price.

Ok, wasabi speed incremented to 1.1MB/s, what is my maximum link speed; I don’t know why it was slow for some days.

My backup would be 2Tb minimum, possibly going to 3Tb.

It’s look like you are facing issues with the management of your hosting. It could be very tricky to set up the ideal server and then manage it as well. You can always go with the AWS EC2 server with the management of a third party host as their are many companies who are providing the managed service.