No incremental backup

Hi everyone, I’m using Duplicati to backup a vhd file but it won’t be saved incrementally, it is everytime integrally uploaded. All options as stock and on version

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Unfortunately the way Duplicati does incremental/deduplication of files makes it very poor at backing up virtual machine disks or other large single file archives.

Duplicati will check if the file was changed, and then divide the file into pieces and upload each piece that’s missing from the remote storage.

If a single change was made in the beginning of the VM disk, then all the pieces after that change may appear to be new pieces to Duplicati causing them to be re-uploaded. In effect you usually have to reupload the entire file every time.

I would recommend backing up files inside the VM or using a different tool for handling full disk snapshots.

If you need to deduplicate a file that has changed in the beginning, you could have a look in another tool: Restic
As long as I understand, Duplicati and Restic have a lot in common - but at the same time they are very different. Restic is completely missing the frontend, and does not compress (but does deduplication, event on files that are changed in the beginning. It can even deduplicate between different backupjobs, if the same target is used).

Personally I am using Duplicati - but in a perfect (but propably unrealistic) world, the features from both project would be merged.

Thanks, I’ll give Restic a try