No hay problemas con el servidor de respaldo!

Dear, it’s been a few days since I’ve been receiving error notifications when running the Backup, the error message is as follows:
“Unexpected difference in fileset version 5: 11/18/2022 22:30:00 (database id: 224), found 426881 entries, but expected 426883”

Any tips on how I should proceed to resolve this error, as I am not backing up?


If your backups are not working, a possible solution could be to remove all versions up to the problematic one (5 in your case), that is, using the DELETE function in the CommandLine tool (NOT the delete tool itself) and specifying ‘0-5’ in a (added) advanced option ‘version’, and then start a manual backup to catch up.
If you do that, you can of course lose recently deleted files that could still be backed up on your backend.

I did a base recovery and it’s back up and running thanks!

what’s a base recovery ?