No access to my backup

hello everybody,
last year a better known made a backup of my hard disk,but the password for this backup get lost .So I have no acces to my hard disk.Is there any posibility to get the password back .It is pity ,because all my holidaypictures and other important things are located on my hard disk.
Thanks for your help or tips


Sorry, but if the files on your backup have a ‘.zip.aes’ extension, and no one has saved the aes encryption key, you have no chance to get your files back.

You mean the hard disk backup, right? Is the actual hard disk gone too, with no traces of it left?
Your password could be there in a user profile database, or saved someplace in Export To File.
Generally, one should make those then store them somewhere secure and not likely to get lost.
Nobody can give you the password, but make sure you’ve looked in all the places it might be…