Nextcloud & ReadDoneAsync2 Error

I have tried to setup Duplicati using a Tab Digital Nextcloud Server account and WebDAV.

When attempting to run a Backup, I receive the following error which aborts the backup:

'Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure'

I’ve been unable to fix this myself. In searching, I found this post which indicates it might be a Mono plugin throwing an error.

To test if it might be Mono and not Tab Digital, have installed Duplicity and the same backup completes without any problems.

I would rather use Duplicati but I have been unable to find a solution for the ReadDoneAsync2 error.

Any ideas?

I signed up for another Nextcloud provider account, Operation Tulip and Duplicati works fine with this provider.

My Tab Digital account uses my email address as my account name. The Duplicati Web GUI has a problem parsing this information. For example:

The Tab Digital Nextcloud Server address is:

The Path on Server for Tab Digital is in the form:

Whenever I go back to edit my backup settings, Duplicati has mangled my Path and it appears it is because of the @ symbol.

Could is be possible the code is mangling this path as well during a backup and verification?