Nextcloud as source of offsite cloud backup

I was wondering, one can always backup the Nextcloud database. Duplicate already has the code to access Nextcloud as the target. Could there be a solution to access a local Nextcloud server as the source of a backup and then use a cloud storage such as B2 or S3 as the larget for a backup? In that way one could even restore the files isolated without having to resort to re-installing the database to access the data. It may be complicated.

No, this is not doable and I don’t know if there are any plans to support the back end protocols on the front end. There’s a discussion about it on Github: non-local backup sources (such as SFTP) would be great! (and, why not allow all destinations as source as well? :) · Issue #2726 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

You could potentially look at rclone. It’s my go-to solution for data sync between two cloud providers. It is just a sync tool though, not a backup tool.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I will visit the other topic.

Some people have had at least some level of success installing a client on their PC which makes the files on the cloud provider look like they are local. Duplicati may be able to back up the data that way. Not sure if such a client exists for Nextcloud though.

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I think it is possible in Linux using davfs or something similar, but will require some other configuration to make sure the WebDAV server is mounted before duplicate is started. Will require some coordination but using containers it is a matter of orchestration. I will try.