"Next Scheduled Run" in %RESULT%


Is there a way to report “Next Scheduled Run” in %RESULT% or in addition to %RESULT%?

It would be useful to have that in the result.


Hello @rwxr_xr_x, welcome to the forum!

As far as I know (and I could be wrong) there isn’t currently a way to include the next scheduled run time in any of the reporting.

However, I’m guessing it might not be TOO difficult to add and it sounds like it might be something that some other users (like maybe @handyguy, @BitingChaos, or @crazy4chrissi) could find useful in their external tools.

Just out of curiosity, what would you imaging would be the “Next scheduled run” value for a job that has been manually run and isn’t scheduled to run again?

(Oh, and since this doesn’t exist right now I’ve moved the topic over to #features.)

Yes, that would really be useful.
The approach of duplicati-monitoring.com currently is to caculate it based on the last run time and the interval, which needs to be defined by the user.

The advantage of this approach for monitoring is that the interval defined by the user in monitoring does not necessarily need to be the same as defined in duplicati. For example, I can define a backup to each day in Duplicati, but define in monitoring that it should expect only one every 2 days. Thus, monitoring will only complain if two backups were missed in a row. Or I could define in Duplicati that the backup runs each day, but usually, on Saturday and Sundays it does not run, as the PC is not turned on. Thus, I can define in monitoring that it should not expect backups on these days. But if the system is turned on some times, the backup would still run.

Regarding manual runs: If no schedule is there, then there is no “next scheduled run”. So I would expect the value to be empty.

I agree with @crazy4chrissi that if there is no relevant information to be provided for “Next Scheduled run” it should be blank or missing. I think it’s easier to parse the output if the element is not there than for it to be there are be a string.

Looking forward to this feature to be implemented when possible.