New Win Install with v2.0.8 fails to display app windows

Installing new install on my wife’s Win 10 laptop. Downloaded the 32 bit first, then when that did not seem to work, tried the 64 bit version. Same behavior.

Download, install. Launch.
Task Manager shows 2 duplicati processes running, but there is no application window shown.

Have not yet done uninstall to try again but will.

Where do I look for log file with any further info?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum @iAmVaeVictus

Using the Graphical User Interface would be worth a read, if you’re unfamiliar to how it works.
Basically, the GUI runs in an app window that is provided by the web browser of your system.

Does system tray at lower right of screen (which might need expanding) show Duplicati icon?
If so, you can use that to open a browser tab or window, but I’m surprised launch doesn’t do it.
If all else fails, you can manually open a tab to http://localhost:8200 to see if the GUI is there…

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