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I have Win Server 2012 r2 in a small charity. Currently have 750gb data drive that I would like to back up offsite. We also have 1TB one drive account. Can Duplicati work for me? Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.


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The simple answer: yes, Duplicati can back up that data.

Longer answer:

You would most certainly want to set up Duplicati to run as a Service. That way it can perform backups even if no one is logged in. (Which is usually the case for Servers.) Documentation can be found here.

Your 750GB data set may take a while for the first backup. It depends mostly on your upload bandwidth. Subsequent backups will be much faster as they only upload changed blocks in new/updated files.

One Drive may complicate things a bit. I don’t use it myself, but it seems to be more troublesome compared to other cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, or Wasabi. For one, there is a back end file limit, so you may have to increase the Remote Volume Size option (default is 50MB).

Also, for a 750GB backup you MAY want to increase the deduplication block size (default is 100KB). Increasing it to say 1MB will result in better performance but reduced deduplication.

See this documentation for info on these two sizing options. The Remote Volume Size can be changed at any time, but only affects newly created volumes. The (Deduplication) Block Size must be set prior to the first backup and cannot be changed.

I recommend you do a test with a small subset of your data so you can get a feel for how Duplicati works.

Thank you very much, already in testing - will look into sizing issues also - thanks for the pointers