New user Backup between different drives

Im a new usser of OMV 5. I basiclaly use this just as a home file server (NAS). This is made from old hardwer so its running on a Core2Duo with 8 GB DDR2 ram, and multiple disks which I was just having arround: 1 X 1 tb drive ; 1X 640 gb drive, 1 X 500 gb drive and 1 X160 gb drive (where is the system installed), and annother 1 X 500 gb wich has some bad sectors and I use just for torrent downloads so nothing important.

Due to this variety of drives i cant use a raid system for data parity, so Id like to have a folder on one hdds with all my important datas (family photos and some docs) which syncs automatically with annother folder from other hdd from this system.

I`d like also to back up in this folder with nextcloud from my phone.

Can duplicati work in this way to help me out?
Thanks in advance !

Welcome to the forum!

Duplicati can certainly back up your data on one drive to the other, but it is not a SYNC. The backup data will be in a proprietary Duplicati format. This may sound like a negative, and it may be for your use case, but what you gain is efficient versioning, flexible retention, etc.

Regarding backing up your phone - Duplicati can’t help you with that.

What’s the relationship between this folder, Nextcloud, and the phone? It’s unclear what the wish is.
Please keep in mind the previous comment that this is a backup to a different format, not file sync…

So Id like to have one folder syncronized between 2 diffenrent HDDs, where I could save all important files for me, and also Id like to use the same folder as target for Nextcloud to backup my phone. The issue for me from what Ive understood is that duplicati does a backup not exactly a syncronization.

Overview explains the Duplicati capabilities it gets by being more than file sync. If you require sync, then something else is needed. I’m still not clear on Nextcloud usage (and I don’t have Nextcloud), but maybe your Nextcloud server is connected to the “folder on one hdd s with all my important data s”. If so, Nextcloud has mobile apps that look like they can sync your phone there. Duplicati can’t backup phones.

Get Nextcloud shows desktop and mobile apps. There are quite a few desktop clients that can sync files for your hard drive case. If you don’t need a GUI, rclone is powerful. I’m not sure what to put on a phone.