New To Duplicati -Need help in Restore process

Hello Everyone,
Iam fairly new to Duplicati, i have been using it since last week for testing purposes,
So i have it all backed up/synced to my Google Drive with 256 Bit AES Encryption , so now my computer where it was installed is crashed and cannot access it , so how to proceed with restoring the data from my Google drive ???
Please note : I have gone thru the manual/docs online on the site but its a lil confusing ,
Can somebody help me pls??

I just have the encryption key only and i did not export the configuration file ,

Install Duplicati2 on another computer.
Go to the Duplicati2 interface.

Click the Menu in the top right:
Click Restore.

Direct restore from backup files …
Point to your backup files and restore from there

Select the Storage Type as your Google Drive and do the authorisation and, if required, fill in the folder path to the backup.
Click Next
Fill in your encryption key / pass phrase.

Click Connect.

If you’ve pointed it at the right place and have the right encryption key you should be presented with a list of backup dates and be able to select and restore files!

Hope this helps!