New installation - can't make it work

Hi, just installed Duplicati yesterday with high hopes of getting rid of ms buggy backup tools that comes with Windows. I configured a daily incremental, choosed 2 folders to start with and then it ran for a while and worked. Now, the process is running 100% CPU, and the log is not showing anything interesting of helpful to know what’s going on. In “About:Log data:Stored”, nothing shows up and nothing recent is showing in “Live” tab.

I tried to stop it, quitting with the tray icon, stopping the job in the web ui but the TrayIcon.exe is still running 100% CPU. Tried to kill it and restart the whole thing but it looks like it resume at doing nothing. The process is doing absolutely no disk I/O. It’s now written “Starting backup” in the web ui and most buttons are unresponsive like “Run now, verify files, compact”.

Thanks for any guidance

Welcome to the forum @sunphoenix

It sounds like you had a scheduled backup (maybe the same one – do you have many?) started when Duplicati started. This will happen if the scheduled time was missed. I think you can stop this reliably if schedule is removed (remember to save job), and maybe also if Duplicati is paused before shutdown.

Killing Duplicati processes in Task Manager is a bit dangerous, but if it’s stuck then maybe it’s needed.

Pause controls are at top of GUI screen, or at Tray Icon right-click. using pause button at screen’s top,
or Tray Icon right click and Pause. If you can get it to not immediately backup, you can view logs better. About → Show log → Live → level can be set up in one tab while you run the backup from another tab.

Alternatively, setting up job Advanced options log-file=<path> and log-file-log-level=verbose should get pretty good logging. If you want huge logging, use profiling level, but it’ll be big if it doesn’t hang fast.

Another option would be to not immediately backup, but maybe first try the job’s Verify files button.

Are you using any Advanced options, such as snapshot-policy? The options might be worth reviewing.

I had just one backup configured and yes it had a schedule. The pause button seems to work but does nothing, I choose “pause until resumed” but the process continue to run at 100% (13% actually, single CPU core). When clicking X and choosing whatever option “stop now” or “stop after current file” it doesn’t.

I managed to get an error “Cannot add stuff to HttpInput.Empty” when pausing a second time. I have not configured any advanced options yet.

I deleted everything and rebooted, recreated the backup with no schedule and it is working fine so far.

This pauses new backup starts. This was implied (but not clearly enough) by “paused before shutdown”, which then led into how to shut down or kill if needed. On start, goal is “get it to not immediately backup”.
This will maybe let you get logs. But backup recreate is also working, so I don’t know what past issue is.